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Photo Booths are Officially Here to Stay

Photo Booths have been around forever. Well not literally, but 85+ years is a pretty good estimate. You’ve no doubt seen photo booth strips in all kinds of movies, memory boxes, and on mirrors of the young and smitten. So where did the idea come from? Originally (as in most popularly and not the actual first appearance) it was on Broadway in 1925 producing photos that took 10 minutes and cost 25 cents. Thus began the “Coney Island Photo Booth” phenomenon. Over the past century they’ve been popping up at fairs, malls, shopping centers, boardwalks, and even Chuck E Cheeses. Great for making those classic snapshot memories for two, they’ve held a respectable place in popular culture for most of their life.

That was true up until the last decade. Suddenly photo booths have taken a huge upswing in popularity. What brought this about? Why are photo booths now at almost every wedding, mitzvah, and prom and making more and more appearances at birthdays, work parties, corporate events, fundraisers, galas, and even family reunions? Our guess is that it’s the ubiquity of digital photography, digital cameras, cellphone cameras, and a healthy dose of social media. Throw all that into a mixing bowl and suddenly you’ve got the entire world taking pictures of everything and everyone including themselves and posting them on every important site in their digital circle. Popular culture loves its picture taken!

Photo Booth Magic takes the classic concept and marries it with today’s technology to make those same timeless photo strips, but now in 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes. And not just one copy either; unlimited prints!  Set it up at your gathering d’jour and not only is everyone taking pictures to capture the memory, but they’re also having an unbelievable amount of fun doing it, and taking something home to remember how great that gathering was. It’s a guaranteed hit. Contact us today to find out more!


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