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So the number one question everyone wants to know but almost no one wants to ask us is:

Why should I book a photo booth from THIS company?

There are a lot of photo booth companies out there, and more popping up every day. So which one should you choose? Well, us, of course. This is what we think makes Photo Booth Magic different.


Our product is strong and consistent. You and your guests are going to be through our booth a lot, and each time you’re going to get awesome photo strips. You’ll probably have a small stack of them to take home at the end of the night, and they’re going to go on your refrigerator. They print fast, they are sized automatically, and they don’t smudge, fade, or smear. We do reprints, extra prints, doubles, anything you want. Lots of prints. Lots of fun. That’s what everyone wants from a photo booth, and that’s definitely what you’re going to get from Photo Booth Magic.

Customer Service

Quick responses to your calls and emails with complete answers. Pricing posted on our site with no gimmicks to get your contact info. We’ll customize our packages, do our best to be competitive on pricing, and make any extra effort needed to win not just your business but more importantly your satisfaction. Some events only take a couple of contacts, some take 50…they’re both handled with the same care and professionalism. We only do honesty and integrity.  And it doesn’t stop with booking; your guests will get the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm from all of our employees.


We’ve been providing photo booths since 2009. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and even more successful events. We’ve done weddings, proms, mitzvahs, graduations, birthdays, barbecues, holiday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, Halloween parties and many more. We’ve been to schools, residences, hotels, reception halls, town squares, back yards, penthouses, and office buildings. Honestly, we’ve pretty much done it all with photo booths. Check out our reviews.

 And Finally

So you’re almost done with your price shopping and you’ve got things narrowed down to just a couple of companies. Here are some questions you can ask other companies to help you make your decision:


Photo Booth Magic The Competition
Are your prints unlimited? YES! Everyone gets a print every time through.  6 people in the booth? 6 PRINTS! Lost or ruined pictures? Come back for reprints. Sort of. You can go through as many times as you want, and they’ll call that “unlimited” but each session may only produce 2 prints, 4 prints if you pay more, unlimited prints if you pay more, and some even just make single print.  That’s a lot of cutting, tearing, and sharing, and a lot of unhappy guests.
Do I get a copy of all the pictures? YES! Every event gets a USB thumb drive with all of the strips as well as the individual photos, and they’re all royalty free, so you can reprint, email, Facebook, or Pin them to your heart’s content. Also if you get a scrapbook, we print yet ANOTHER copy for you for the scrapbook, so still nobody gives up their photo strip Maybe. DVDs and thumbdrives usually cost extra though.
Are props included? YES! Props are included with every package at no extra charge. Just let us know whether or not you want them. Probably not…it’s usually an extra fee.
Is your booth actually a booth and is it suitable for groups small and large? YES and YES! Our booth is fully enclosed so your guests can let loose and it’s 6’x6’ with a spacious bench that allows for groups of all sizes in plenty of comfortable configurations. Not necessarily. Photographers and DJs are notorious for adding a “photo booth” to their packages, but really it’s just a backdrop you stand in front of that may or may not print strips on site or worse it’s a hard-sided cage with a single stool in it or 3’ standing area.  Sure it takes pictures, and maybe you can get 6 or 7 heads in them from around the sides, but trust us and the many customers we’ve heard from on this, it’s NOT THE SAME. We make no apologies for our elegant and tasteful fabric sides…we’ve done this for a long time and there’s no better way to handle groups especially when the party’s really going!
Have you been in business very long? YES! We’ve been doing photo booths since 2009. Double-check. When we started, there were only a couple other companies in the state. Now a simple Google search returns 15-20 easily.  Competition is great, it keeps everything above-board. But generally speaking the companies charging the least are the youngest and as a result lacking in experience and quality.
Do you have insurance? YES! We are now and always have been insured.  This is a requirement of many of the more popular venues. You better ask! Sometimes the venue won’t request it until the week before the event and may not allow your photo booth vendor in without it.  Scrambling to find a different company to work with in a week and getting your deposit back can be tough.
Have you been to my venue before? YES! Check out the list of venues we frequent on our service area page. We can’t list everywhere we’ve ever been, so ask if you’re concerned. If we haven’t been there, I’m sure we’ve been somewhere similar. Possibly. Again, this is a factor of the experience of the business.
Do you have references? YES!  Start here for some reviews…if you want more references after that, just ask. Probably.  Hopefully you aren’t their first prospective happy customer! We have hundreds.

So we got through our entire pitch and didn’t use the word “megapixel”. Or “dye sublimation”. Why? Not because those things don’t matter, of course they do. But everyone should and pretty much does use cameras that shoot a bozillion megapixels, and the human eye still can’t differentiate after 4 megapixels at the sizes printed from photo booths. And everyone should be using high-quality dye sublimation printers, just like we do, though there are probably still a few inkjet holdouts. Do verify that your photo booth company uses at least 4 megapixel cameras, but take with a grain of salt those that try to convince you that 29 megapixels is better than 24 yada yada. Technology isn’t what makes our company special, it’s just one of our tools.

Bottom line, we know you have a choice–a lot of choices. We want you to choose us and never have to think twice about it. And we want to earn your recommendation. To talk to us about your event, check availability, or ask any questions, contact us today!

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